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Get more out of every token you hold

5% APR on total sum staked, prorated & distributed weekly

Don't have $BOLT tokens?

Why should you Stake $BOLT?

HOLD $BOLT? Be rewarded!

Own some $BOLT? Don't just leave it on an exchange, create a BoltX Wallet today and Stake your $BOLT to earn 5% annually!

Don't know how to create a BoltX Wallet?

Tip: Have another wallet such as Trust Wallet or Metamask? You can restore that same 12-word recovery phrase in BoltX!

Earn Additional Dynamic Rewards

Additional $BOLT is distributed weekly to everyone who stakes $BOLT in BoltX

This $BOLT is distributed from payments which we receive in the $BOLT token

You will be rewarded in proportion to your share of the staking pool

We do well, you do well too!

You're helping $BOLTgrow

When more $BOLT is staked, circulating supply of $BOLT is reduced

That helps $BOLT to grow as we introduce more ways for $BOLT to be used across BOLT+, BoltX and BoltZap

I have $BOLT!
How do I stake $BOLT?

Download BoltX

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Have your $BOLT ready. Don't have $BOLT?

$BOLT is issued on Ethereum.

You will need to pay some $ETH in transaction fees. Buy $ETH using your credit card in BoltX by clicking the "Buy" button

Open the Stake tab in BoltX

Enter the amount of $BOLT you want to stake. You will be shown the amount of gas fees in Ethereum (i.e. transaction fees) you need to pay.

Click Stake! You can claim your rewards daily.

Stay safe. Only BoltX supports $BOLT staking.